Precision Fitness | Franchise FAQ
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Franchise FAQ

Franchise FAQ

Why franchise with Precision Fitness?


The exclusivity elements of personal training – working as a single resource and working with only the wealthy few who can afford private fitness training – are the traditional limitations for any trainer or fitness professional working alone. Fitness entrepreneur Mike Salerno has worked through and eliminated these inherent drawbacks to being a personal trainer, developing a proven system of operation that defines Precision Fitness as both a viable fitness business and the new wave in affordable personal training. Precision Fitness’ proven track record of success shows trainers can be more profitable than ever, achieve more results for more people and still offer the lowest per session rate in California.

Is a fitness franchise for me?


Health and fitness is for everybody, and personal training is no longer only accessible to a select set of elite people who can afford private training. Whether you’re simply interested in fitness or are an experienced trainer seeking a significantly brighter professional outlook, Precision Fitness’ proven system of operation can give you the support and structure you need to build your own established fitness enterprise. Precision Fitness’ business formula takes into account the varying levels of expertise that franchisers bring to the table. Take advantage of as much or as little of the training and certification offered as part of your franchise agreement in order to build your systems, your knowledge and your fitness expertise.

What is a UFOC?


A Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) is the primary document that explains the details of the specific franchise, including legal and financial requirements of both franchiser and franchisee. UFOCs are relative to specific franchises but consistently address certain issues as required by the Federal Trade Commission, including business experience, training offered, ongoing franchise costs and financing arrangements. The UFOC is required by the FTC but it is each state that legally reviews and approves the UFOC for availability within its borders. Precision Fitness’ UFOC can be accessed by submitting a request.

What do I get in my franchise agreement with Precision Fitness?


Franchisers receive hands-on attention from Precision Fitness’ founder, fitness entrepreneur Mike Salerno, and other staff as required.  Franchisers who are new to personal training will take advantage of the full slate of training and fitness instruction provided; experienced trainers may want to leverage their own techniques and experience within the system of operation that is the foundation for Precision Fitness.

Each new franchise begins with daily training for a defined time period, moving to weekly and then monthly visits designed to build and support your own growth as an experienced and knowledgeable fitness professional.  Franchisee education begins in an initial meeting and continues until there is a consistency and comfort level with training routines, nutritional facts, daily operations and overall business systems.

Can you set my expectations for revenue and growth of my franchise?


Revenue varies from location to location, however it’s part of our job as your franchise company to position you for the greatest success. Choosing your location, designing your space, selecting and setting up fitness equipment and cardiovascular training machines, and opening your doors quickly and efficiently is something we foster for each franchise owner. To date, each franchised Precision Fitness has a proven track record of profitability and other gym owners are accessible to new franchisees for detailed discussions of their experience with revenue and income.

Is this a full-time job?


Do you want this to be a full-time job? Our franchisees vary greatly in how they run their personal business along with their fitness enterprise. Some owners are hands-on from start to finish and others entrust their daily operations in the hands of responsible and experienced fitness business associates.

How much does it cost to own a Precision Fitness franchise?


Precision Fitness offers an exceptional franchise value, with manageable fees at the core of its overall business concept. Costs vary slightly by location. A detailed chart of expenses associated with your franchise purchase is accessible by submitting a request.

Is financing available?


Precision Fitness has established its own finance company to support the growth of its franchises nationwide.  Franchisees do not need large sums of cash or even home ownership; with a small down payment, Precision Fitness can finance the cost of your franchise over a comfortable five-year period.

May I own more than one Precision Fitness location?


Experience is always a business benefit and we encourage and support any franchisee wishing to expand their Precision Fitness enterprise.

Who are the biggest competitors to Precision Fitness?


Health clubs and public gyms are primary competitors.  Precision Fitness is uniquely positioned for success over these and other personal training facilities because of its overall low-cost and flexibility for the gym user. Private fitness training is far more personal and results-oriented than anything offered by chain-style health clubs, and our per-session price (as low as $18) offers a tremendous competitive advantage over other private gyms.

What is the process?  Where do I start?


Start with information.  Call to talk, or submit your name and contact information via our franchise request form.  We’re ready when you are, and we’re here to answer all your big and little questions that stand between you and your own fitness enterprise.  Current Precision Fitness franchisees are available to talk with you as well and financing is available. We’d love to welcome you into the Precision Fitness family and hope to hear from you soon.