Precision Fitness | Franchisee Testimonials
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Franchisee Testimonials

Franchisee Testimonials

” The mass market gyms did so well early on because people didn’t know there was another fitness option that fit their budget. They didn’t think personal training was attainable for the average Joe. In fact, the system we’ve developed allows us to train more people for less money and still be very profitable. Overall, Precision Fitness is a low start-up, high return, and fun investment. It’s a lifestyle that you can get used to. ”

– Mike Salerno , Anaheim, CA

” Precision Fitness corporate support was there from the very beginning. They were there through my anxiety of getting started and helped me realize it was a dream I could attain. They helped with the little details of bookkeeping, accounting, setup, and finding a location. They were helpful from day one and on through to today.”

– Debbie Baker , Riverside, CA

” It’s incredibly satisfying, helping other people get excited about the fitness lifestyle and watching them go through a tangible and healthy change in their lives. I remember how good it felt when it first happened to me. Owning a Precision Fitness franchise has helped me to share that feeling with others.”

– Buddy York , Redondo Beach, CA